Bear & Flower Tavern Pin


“It being midday, the Bear and Flower tavern was wall-to-wall people—on the first level, at least. But the first level was for those without much time and those who didn’t know better. Regulars went straight up to the gallery, where they could get a table and rest a bit while they watched the flurry down below.”

– The Traitor's Tunnel by C.M. Spivey

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Carry a little bit of fantasy into your everyday life with the Bear & Flower Tavern pin, representing one of the many establishments in the Trident Chronicles series by C.M. Spivey. This pin, beautifully designed by illustrator Emily Madly, is sure to make you smile.

This pin depicts a smiling black bear wearing a crown of pink and yellow flowers. It measures 1.25″ inches and is made of soft enamel with nickel plating and a metal backing.

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