From This Calligraphy

From This Calligraphy, the fourth novella in “The Web” series, is an exciting collaboration between Cait Spivey and Kisa Whipkey, intersecting Spivey’s Web universe with Whipkey’s Symphony of Synchronicity.


Fourteen-year-old Lee Hightower has no interest in the supernatural world. He admits to being grateful for whatever creepy power allowed Morgan Fletcher to save his life, but beyond that? No thank you. But for better or worse, Lee becomes irrevocably entrenched when a girl wreathed in spider webs visits him and opens something in his mind, giving him periodic flashes and visions.

Of what, Lee isn’t sure, until he sees his best friend, Grayson Bishop, in one of them. He and Grayson have always promised not to keep secrets from each other, but soon Lee suspects that Grayson is hiding something…something supernatural. What he uncovers, though, is a far too human secret that will change everything.

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