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Project Updates and OH HEY, I have a newsletter!

Hello lovely people!

This has been quite a year so far for me. From Under the Mountain was published, I went to three cons (with two more still to come), I took over as interim Marketing Director at REUTS, and came out as agender. And it’s only just now September!

I’ve been writing pretty steadily through the year, but it’s occurred to me that unless you follow me on Twitter (and even if you do, since info moves quickly offscreen there), you may not know where things stand. SO I’m going to return to a regular use of this blog and my newsletter.

The Format

Once a month, I’ll post a brief, general project update here on the blog. The same day, my newsletter subscribers will get a more detailed update, as well as first looks at the works-in-progress.

In an effort to make time to practice my art, I’m going to start doing a minimum of one project a month, using a couple of pictures as inspiration. Newsletter subscribers will have the opportunity to submit inspiration pictures every month for the next month’s project. The inspiration pics and finished work will be shown here as well as the newsletter; newsletter subscribers will also get to see in-progress pictures and maybe time-lapse videos.

I’ll also do “What I’m Reading” videos, talking about the books I read that month and picking books to read for the following month. These videos will be posted to YouTube, and newsletter subscribers will get to see them a week early. Newsletter subscribers can also let me know what they are reading for a shout-out in the video.

On to the updates!

The Writing

Since From Under the Mountain came out in January, and the sequel won’t be out until next year, I’ve been working on a novella to put out this year. Yay! Except I hit a couple of snags. See, me and short fiction don’t know each other very well, so I have a tendency to try to put big stories into those little word counts.

I tweeted a bunch about The Witchling and the Dragon, the Fiona prequel that was originally planned as this year’s novella release. It’s written and it’s awesome, BUT it’s definitely a novel-length story, so its release is TBD.

Instead, I’ve begun work on a prequel about Theodor Warren and Bridget Camlin, two of From Under the Mountain‘s secondary characters. If all goes according to plan, you should expect this ebook in a few months. Cross your fingers. 😉

The Art

My latest art project was the cover art for The Witchling and the Dragon. I don’t know when I’ll finish or if it will be used, so I figured I’d go ahead and share. Fiona is on the left, and Silas on the right:

Digitally painted work-in-progress portrait of characters from the novel From Under the Mountain: Fiona, a woman with olive skin and dark hair, with Silas, a black woman with thin red dreadlocks
Done by me, in Photoshop!

Aren’t they pretty? *heart eyes*

This month, I want to work on art for the Theodor/Bridget novella, which is set in the capital city of Del seven years prior to the events of From Under the Mountain. In the interest of not bogging this post down with images, you can see the inspiration folder here on DeviantArt.

The Reading

I don’t have a video this week, which is when I would normally show the video to newsletter subscribers; so everyone gets to see it at the same time, next week, just this once. 😛

The Housekeeping

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