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Art Auction for the Pride Foundation!

Hello friends!

Next Wednesday, I’ll be reading with several other queer Portland-local authors at a Pride Foundation salon/fundraiser hosted by Another Read Through. It’s going to be a wonderful event celebrating queer stories of all kinds, and I hope you can make it.

Several weeks ago, I painted a piece for the event with the intention of auctioning the original and selling prints, with all proceeds going to Pride Foundation. I wanted to paint something that embodied the pride I feel in my identity. The result was an androgynous figure with arms spread wide, open, welcoming, and full of love. But I couldn’t for the life of me think of a title for it.

When news of the Orlando attack broke, I put the painting up on my Facebook before I could muster words. It still took me time to attach a title to the painting, though. In the end, I was so moved by how many people all over the world chose love–to love each other, to support love–that the title became obvious.

So here, my friends, is “Choose Love.”


Prints are available via my DeviantArt page. The original is roughly 7.5″ by 9.75″ and will be sold to the commenter with the highest bid by June 30th at 11:59 pm PDT. The auction is open internationally. This piece is valued at $40. Payment will be processed via PayPal. All proceeds (less fees and shipping costs) from the auction and any print sales will be donated to Pride Foundation, an LGBTQ community foundation serving the Pacific Northwest.

To bid, leave a comment with your bid in US dollars.

The starting bid is $35.