Some big things happened for me this year. I published two novellas. I got married. I grew my business. I got a new job, left an old job, landed a wonderful internship. I attended conferences and gave presentations. I’ve gone out on limbs and made wonderful friends. I accidentally burned myself on no less than three separate occasions in the last two weeks.

Despite all that, this was still a learning year for me. I tried a lot of things and I’ve learned more about myself and what I want in the process. 2014 was the Year of Exploring. 2015 will be the Year of the Lean, Mean, Ambition Machine. I know what I want. I know where my strengths lie, and I know what I need to work on. I know where I want to be this time next year, and I will do whatever it takes to get there.

I resolve to be efficient. I resolve to be effective. I also resolve to be kind, to be open, to breathe deeply and exhale slowly. I resolve to set my own standards and leave them as fluid as they need to be. I resolve to learn. I resolve to share. I resolve to approach all things with love. I resolve to be better than I am today, and tomorrow, and every day after that.

Bring it on, 2015.



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