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Halloween is Basically the Best

So by now it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of creepy things, AND I will take literally any opportunity to dress up in a costume. Which means it’s fairly obvious what my favorite holiday is.

2010. There's me on the left being a vampire. Specifically 20's era Lorena from True Blood.
2010. There’s me on the left being a vampire. Specifically 20’s era Lorena from True Blood.
2011. Poison Ivy at the masquerade.
2011. Poison Ivy at the masquerade.

Halloween is basically the best because the possibilities are endless. There’s no reason to stop once you get too old to go door to door. Oh no. The older you get, the higher the stakes.

I really like to do couple’s costumes. Maybe it’s because deep down in my soul, I’m really a cosplayer–but getting a bunch of people to go in on one thing makes me really happy.

Halloween’s kinda snuck up on me the last few years due to my circumstances and having friends who were unwilling or unable to really go all-out the way I long to.

Hell, half the reason I want to buy a house is to have space

2012. Matt as Loki and me as a Valkyrie.
2012. Matt as Loki and me as a Valkyrie.

for throwing the lavish costume parties I imagine.

Halloween, for me, is a time to breathe. To relax. To have fun. To let my imagination soar and to let go of all my lingering instincts to be ‘normal’. I’m not normal. Never have been. Wouldn’t ever want to be.

Group costumes are awesome too. The more the merrier! I love seeing people go all-out for costumes, and we get so few opportunities to really stretch our creative muscles. For me, it basically comes down to Halloween and Ren Faire. One of the reasons I loved working Ren Faire so much this year was that I got to wear so many different costumes!

Last year we did a group costume with Matt’s parents and it was one of my favorite years so far. I probably don’t have to tell you why.

2013. Drusilla, Giles, Vampire Lackey, Buffy.

This year may surpass last year’s! I’m not revealing my costume (you’ll see it day of and after), but you guys already know that A SINGLE THREAD is coming out on Halloween! And I can’t wait to share this creepy book with you.

We have another week, though. So in the meantime, add A SINGLE THREAD on Goodreads, check out my peacock spider make-up and tell me your favorite Halloween stories!