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I am SO excited to finally share this cover with you! A Single Thread is the follow-up to I See the Web, building on the mythology and the characters (but in enough of a standalone way that you don’t need to brave ISTW’s spiders if you really can’t–I’m always thinking of you guys).


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It’s been two weeks since Morgan Fletcher’s little sister, Erin, disappeared before his eyes in a flurry of spidersilk and blood. Probability says she’s dead; but when Erin comes to him in a dream, Morgan’s eyes are opened to a level of reality where probability doesn’t mean jack. His sister sees the web of time, and she’s got news for him: trouble is coming.

A cryptic riddle and flashing images of the future are all Morgan has to go on in order to save a mystery boy from a gruesome death. That’s if he even believes what’s happened to Erin. Is her spider-whisperer persona for real, or has his grief at losing her caused him to totally crack?

With a life at stake, Morgan isn’t taking any chances. Madness or no madness, he has to solve Erin’s riddle before it’s too late.

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But wait, there’s more! Behold, the book trailer:

Yay! Now go, lieblings, and share! And remember, now through the end of the year all my royalties + $1/sale will go to support I Have a Dream Oregon!

To request an advance review copy of A SINGLE THREAD, please send an email with your social media links and preferred ebook format to cspivey1954 [at] gmail [dot] com and use the subject line “A Single Thread ARC Request”.