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The Weeks That Were 3/9-3/22

Looks like this is accidentally becoming a bi-weekly thing!


This Tuesday will be the last installment of I SEE THE WEB! How bittersweet. I hope you all have enjoyed reading it, as I have enjoyed posting it. I promise I will have the whole story available for ebook download before too long.

I’ve plotted nearly the entirety of the NA paranormal, MIRANDA. As I was outlining (almost) the end, I realized that this is at its heart a Jekyll/Hyde story–with some departures, of course, it’s not a straight retelling. It’s like Jekyll & Hyde meets Supernatural. Sounds awesome, right?

Things I blogged about: I See the Web: Part Seven, You know YA is about teenagers, right?, I See the Web: Part Eight, Cover Reveal: SCANDAL by Heather Lin 


I abandoned The Keeper’s Tattoo because it was not gripping me and was also due back at the library. In exchange, I got Dreamless and Goddess, books two and three of the Starcrossed trilogy. And then stayed up literally all night reading both of them. And they are big books. So that was a lot of fun.

Next I get to start reading Remote. Let’s see if I can finish it this weekend so I can get it back to the library on time!

Also, note to self: do not offer to beta read any more. You have five jobs, a dog, and a fiance, Self. What made you think you had time to beta read?!

Apparently this was the only Instagram I did in the last two weeks.
Apparently this was the only Instagram I did in the last two weeks.


In my eternal quest to find the ultimate task managing method, I’ve started using Trello. It is a handy dandy little app that allows you to create boards, and different lists within boards to which you can add cards, and on the cards you can add descriptions and comments and checklists and attachments and hyperlinks and basically it’s a great way to consolidate information. I’ve got boards for Bear and Black Dog, Curiosity Quills, REUTS, and even for my writing to keep track of concepts and manuscripts. You can share boards with people too! Basically it’s neat.

I made one for the wedding too. We are less than three months away, people, and we are getting down to the NITTY GRITTY.