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The Weeks That Were 2/23-3/8

Sorry I missed last week’s post! Things got away from me a little bit.


How’d you like the nightmare bombshell from this week’s I SEE THE WEB? Crazy stuff. Three parts left in the serial!

I’ve been adding some good word counts to MIRANDA, the NA paranormal, especially in the last few days. Still tossing up what kind of story it’s going to be. Right now I’m leaning toward a kind of dark, morally ambiguous feel, with an only partially resolved plot. That last bit is what I’m struggling with, but I’m also not currently seeing a way to have full resolution and maintain the characters as I see them. So, we’ll see how that goes.

I’m going to have to re-tool what I’ve written so far in order to get the moral ambiguity front and center, but I have a clearer idea of things now so it shouldn’t be too bad. I’m getting closer too to the voice I’m looking for; still some work to be done on that front, though.

Things I blogged about: I See the Web: Part Five, Confessions from the Flailing Edge, I See the Web: Part Six, Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini (Literary Merit Badges)


I read Starcrossed, obviously, and really enjoyed it. Last night I started The Keeper’s Tattoo. I’m not far enough in to form any complex thoughts about it, but so far I’m kinda eh. The heroine’s really aggressively sassy, which is actually refreshing to me after reading a lot of good-natured snarking from main characters, but there was a huge clunky info dump not far in that had me giving the book a side-eye and saying “Really?”

Once I finish (or cease reading) The Keeper’s Tattoo I’ll be starting on a nonfiction called Remote: Office Not Required, which I’m looking forward to.

I’ve got a pile of beta-reading I’m steadily working through. Apologies to those who are waiting on me!

Instagram of the week: playing with vintage hair styles
Instagram of the week: playing with vintage hair styles


Things on the home front are fluctuating still but moving in an upward trajectory. The wedding invitations are done and waiting to be mailed and we’ve hired a DJ, which means the big planning things are pretty much all taken care of. That removes a huge chunk of the stress I’ve been feeling.

The other big stress has been doing small business taxes for the first time. Maybe I’m overly paranoid, but the IRS is scary!

Matt working two jobs has been not fun, and I’m about to start a part-time seasonal gig myself, but it’s only for another month or a little more, so I think we can handle that. *crosses fingers*

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  1. Just hang in there. I work to jobs to make ends meet because thats just the way it has to be.

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