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The Week That Was 2/9-2/15

This week’s post brought to you by whatever gets you through the day.


I See the Web continues to run on Tuesdays. Once the run is over, I’ll make the complete story available on Smashwords for download.

I have stepped slightly away from FROM INSIDE THE CITY to start work on that NA paranormal I was doing research for. I know, it’s terrible of me. But I kept imagining initial scenes, and I knew I needed to get some of those ideas down before I lost them. So, I just started writing. I’ll probably have to rewrite completely later, because I haven’t quite found the voice I want yet.

Things I blogged about: I See the Web: Part Three


State of Wonder is not really holding my attention. It seems to have this odd emotional detachment, which normally makes sense for me but is also proving difficult to get into. Or maybe it’s just my general in-a-rut-ness that’s affecting my ability to connect with Marina.

Instagram of the week: Mascot/editing buddy.
Instagram of the week: Mascot/editing buddy.


I’ve been in a serious rut this week. I’m even having a hard time motivating myself to finish this post, and it’s just a weekly update. I just feel totally uninterested in doing anything.

On the upside, Ellen Page is gay. Clearly my dreams are coming true.

3 thoughts on “The Week That Was 2/9-2/15

  1. Seems like a ton of us are in ruts. Weather?

    1. Maybe! It’s that awful last stretch of winter where you’re just ready for some sunshine, I guess.

      1. When I put a hold on being a moron and make myself workout and stand in front of a sunlamp– Magic! I feel better. I’m truly a sophomore sometimes.
        (OK, a lot of the time.)

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