This week’s post is brought to you by Coca-Cola, whose Super Bowl ad I loved and which drink I’ve consumed way too much of over the last few days. 


I See the Web continues to run on Tuesdays. Third installment next week! Once the run is up, I think I’ll put the whole thing out for download. I’m debating between Smashwords and Wattpad. Anyone have thoughts on either?

I’ve plotted about half of FROM INSIDE THE CITY, the FROM UNDER THE MOUNTAIN sequel. I’ve got an end scene in mind, but I was drawing a blank for how to fill in the missing part. So, I just started writing. I’m betting new ideas will come to me as I write–they always do, haha.

Research continues on my NA paranormal, but I think I have a pretty solid grasp of all the background info I need. I’ve also got a pretty good sense of the main character. Now, to consider the overall direction of the story.

Things I blogged about: I See the Web: Part Two, Freelance Editing: What You’re Actually Paying For 


I started State of Wonder, though I’m not very far at all. It’s been a long time since I read anything quite as literary as this, so it’s taking some adjustment on my part. It really makes me want to re-read Heart of Darkness, though; perhaps I’ll have time before the book club meets.

Instagram of the week: snow finally hit Portland, and let me tell you they were NOT prepared.
Instagram of the week: snow finally hit Portland, and let me tell you they were NOT prepared.


I’ve started having nightmares about everything that can go wrong the day of the wedding. So we’re getting close!

The snow the rest of the country’s been experiencing finally hit Portland, and its arrival just happened to coincide with Matt getting sick. Because of the attendance incentives at his job, he had to go to the doctor the second day out of work for a note. This just so happened to also be the second day of the snow (twenty four hours after the picture above was taken). We’d gotten several inches and Portland just wasn’t ready. None of the roads were clear, and the interstate itself was barely cleared. At least people in Pennsylvania own their own snow plows for when the state ones won’t come down their road.

I’ve succumbed ever so slightly to my more natural sleep/work patterns, which means that instead of trying to do 9-5 I’m working on more of a 10-7 schedule. Matt’s got a second job so he’s basically out of the house the entire day, which is sucky in a lot of ways but has also taken off a lot of the pressure to get ALL THE WORK done by a certain time of day.


2 thoughts on “The Week That Was 2/2-2/8

  1. Can you download from wattpad? I thought you could just read on their site and smashwords was downloads.

    sorry about the nightmares! I’m sure things will be wonderful 🙂

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