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The Week That Was 1/26-2/1

Busy week for writing! Not so much for everything else. 


The first installment of I See the Web went up on Tuesday! Exciting stuff. Link below, in case you missed it.

I received the first returned beta read on THE LIGHT THEY CAUGHT, with very good stuff. I’m putting off second round edits until the others come in.

Plotting for the FROM UNDER THE MOUNTAIN sequel, working title now FROM INSIDE THE CITY, got derailed by that nasty side effect of outlining: I got hung up in the minutia. I focused very heavily on the political plot line and neglected the emotional one. But I am now going through and giving that line some love too.

I also began doing preliminary research for a new manuscript, an NA paranormal with a protagonist very different from the two I’ve written so far. Really, really looking forward to it.

Things I blogged about: Short Stories and Secondary Characters, I See the Web: Part One


The only non-work thing I read this week was one of the books I picked up for research, called When the River Ran Wild! It’s sort of part memoir, part history text on Indian traditions from the Oregon/Washington border.

So, that may or may not count as “reading” for some people. I do intend to start State of Wonder for the book club, possibly today depending on how other things go.

I didn't Instagram much this week.
I didn’t Instagram much this week.


My goal for the upcoming week in the arena of wedding planning is to get a handle on my DIY projects. I need to assess, assemble materials, do tests. Also really aware of how many things are still up in the air. IT’S DECISION TIME, PEOPLE.

The work/life balance saga continues, as I’m sure it will forever basically. Lately I wonder about time frames. I’ve never been a morning person and I’m not one who thinks that routines get easier the longer you force them. I’m pretty sure the main reason getting up so early didn’t bother me in high school was because my first classes were choir, not serious lecture-heavy classes. 

Since I started working from home I’ve been trying to maintain a semblance of a 9-5, and I’m just wondering…should I not? Should I take advantage of my flexibility and reallocate my work hours (the same number of work hours, mind you) to match the natural highs and lulls I experience in an average day?

Food for another blog post, perhaps. Y’all have any thoughts on the matter?