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The Week That Was 1/19-1/25

This week is brought to you by high-stakes blog posts that take a week and a half to write. Also, I put up a new header! That is [the best version of] my actual signature, along with my favorite quote from Carl Sagan. 


Earlier this week I announced that I’ll be posting my short story I See the Web in serial here on the blog. I’m pretty excited for you all to read it! I haven’t written much short fiction since college, and I’m too busy to go about researching literary magazines to submit the stories I do have to. It just ends up wasting away on my computer, which makes me sad, so hopefully this serial experiment will work and I’ll be able to keep sharing some of it with you. I See the Web will be posted on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm PST. 

I made a lot of headway today plotting for the sequel to FROM UNDER THE MOUNTAIN. Shit’s getting real political. I’m taking a lot of inspiration from the New Deal and the post Civil War Reconstruction, as well as looking at a lot of modern issues to try and create a country in turmoil. With any luck, I’ll also be able to plot a way out of all these problems!

Things I blogged about: Introducing I See the Web, The Privilege of Not Caring 


I completely failed at finishing Artemis Fowl last weekend. I haven’t read anything non-work-related, in fact. But we had our first book club meeting today, and the book we’ll be reading for next month is State of Wonder by Ann Patchett. Really looking forward to it.

Instagram of the week: My "read, drink, escape" mug from Curiosity Quills!
Instagram of the week: My “read, drink, escape” mug from Curiosity Quills!


My wedding planning acumen is back on track, thank the stars. I’ve started purchasing necessary things, have a fitting for my dress alterations scheduled, and am settling on a dessert (traditional wedding cake is out, both because it is not my style and because I’m gluten-free). Altogether, not a bad month on that front.

This past week was super social for me, probably the most social week I’ve had since moving to Portland. It was really nice, but also draining. Hopefully things can be spread out a little bit more in the future. I’m the kind of introvert who enjoys hanging out, but I need more down time to decompress afterward.