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Pretty Sketchy

I love fan art.

Art is one of the ways fans connect to their favorite things and I think it’s really great. I haven’t personally drawn any fan art in a really long time, mostly because life got in the way and drawing–which was a big hobby of mine in high school, not so much in college–was low on my priority list. I was more interested in writing RPGs for my fandoms.

But, now that I have a fantasy novel with very specific visions for each of the characters, I’ve broken out my pencils again in order to get those visions out into the world as best I can.

I did a sketch of the main character, Guerline, about a month ago:



The most important thing I wanted to convey about Guerline in this drawing is that I see her as an average-sized nineteen-year-old girl. With marketing’s preference for very thin females, it’s important to me that people know Guerline is short and curvy.

Today, I started a sketch of Kanika, one of the witches who becomes part of Guerline’s inner circle. Kanika is an interesting case in terms of diversity. The clan she belongs to is the clan of the underworld, and one side effect of their traveling back and forth across that barrier is that they eventually lose all their coloration. They’re bleached by the underworld, basically. The older a witch of this clan is, the less color she has: in her skin, her eyes, her hair, down to her eyebrows and eyelashes.

Kanika, in my mind, is a black woman even though her skin has turned ghost white. So when I did this sketch of Guerline and Kanika, I did my best to make sure Kanika had African-American features:



I’m pretty happy with both sketches! And I do plan to keep sketching and get better. One thing I really need to work on is making a character look the same from multiple angles. It blows my mind how comic book artists and animators can do that. Who knows, I might even try to move past this rough-sketch stage and ink it in.

So, guys, what do you think? Any favorite resources for sketching or arting? Who are your favorite fan-artists? Discuss in the comments!

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