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The Week That Was 1/5-1/11

New year, new approach to the weekly rundown! Instead of going up on Sundays, it’ll go up on Saturdays.

That’s the only change, really. Other than, you know, that I’m going to start doing them again.


Edits on the NA sci-fi are going smoothly–a little too smoothly, in fact. Still don’t have a clue what to call it, because I am the worst at titles. But, I’ve got a few beta readers lined up and I’m looking forward to getting outside feedback. It can be a tough part of the process, especially first round, but it’s so necessary.

In the FROM UNDER THE MOUNTAIN universe, I’ve restructured the series. Now, instead of a trilogy, we’re looking at two separate duologies. The previous second and third books skipped over some important follow-up and development, so they’re now independent from FutM and its immediate sequel, which will closely continue Guerline’s story.


I finished A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking during my polar-vortex-induced layover in Michigan. Though it didn’t prove exactly relevant to the research for my specific sci-fi venture, it definitely raised some interesting questions for me with regard to future sci-fi projects. Look for some posts on those elements!

I started reading Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian. I’ve always loved the Artemis Fowl books, but reading this one I fear I have finally outgrown them. It’s difficult for me to read past the style and just enjoy the story. This makes me sad! I will finish it for nostalgia’s sake, but it looks like my plans to re-read the whole series are all washed up.

Instagram of the week: things I text to my fiance.
Instagram of the week: things I text to my fiance.


Things have been going just swimmingly since our move to Portland, and it’s now picking up even more. Matt’s and my wedding is now a mere six months away (eek!). I started a lot of DIY projects early, but I’m starting to feel the “oh got how will I ever get it done in time” pinch anyway. Of particular stress is my hairpiece. I have a particular style in mind that I think will be really lovely…but only if my hair gets long enough by June. I’ll be starting on a backup plan shortly in order to assuage my panic.

I’m also joining a book club, which I’m super excited about. I miss the focused reading experience of my college days. I’m also looking forward to meeting more people and making new friends in Portland so that I at least have the option of not being a hermit sometimes.