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Backspace Writers Conference and #PitMad

Wow. Okay. Guys, this has been a crazy week for me. This past weekend I was in New York for the Backspace Writers Conference (thanks to my dear and glorious friend Jessie who pretty much has dibs on me whenever he wants me). Mind-blowing, to say the least. It was such a great experience. I learned a ton and met some really great people and basically had a fantastic time. 

It’s impossible to condense everything I learned into a bitty blog post, but here are some fun quotes: 

“Be the butter in the cookie.” – Randy Susan Meyers (I wish I could remember the context.) 

“First laugh ever for ‘my father tried to kill my mother.'” – Dan (D.E.) Johnson 

“Embrace your suck when you suck.” – Amy (A.S.) King

“Tendons are a bitch.” 

“Bullshit. It’s physics.” 

“What makes a first draft perfect? It says ‘the end’ at the end.” – last three from Jonathan Maberry 

If you ever get the chance to go to a writer’s conference, DO IT. You may not like everything that gets said to you or about your work but you will ALWAYS learn something you needed to learn. Plus, sometimes you can stand around talking to Maureen McGowan for half an hour about cover design, vote on which plot Keith Cronin should write next, and get your tattoos complimented by A.S. King (tattoos required). 

Today was also (kind of unexpectedly) a Pitch Madness day. Pitch Madness is basically a frenzy of writers pitching their books in 140-character blasts on Twitter on the hashtag #PitMad. Fellow writers and fans retweet the ones they like, and agents and editors favorite the ones they want to see queries and partials for. It was, most assuredly, madness. I was so twitchy today trying to work my real job and pay attention to the stream of notifications on TweetDeck. Even then, I had to scroll back through all my notifications to make sure I hadn’t missed anything (I had). But in the end it was a fun and successful day. I made new writer friends, got a little interest in my book, saw pitches for books I want to read, and I got to try out a couple different versions of my elevator pitch. 

So this has been a good, if slightly overwhelming, week. Now that things are returning to normal I hope to get back on schedule with posting “Three Lovers and Two Dead Cats” as well as some poetry. 

Have you been to any conferences, or done any crazy Twitter contests? How did it go? Tell me about them in the comments! 

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