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Weekly Rundown 2/17-2/23

Yesterday, my blog turned one year old! It’s very exciting, and in honor of the blog’s anniversary I’ll be doing a GIVEAWAY! Check back tomorrow morning for details.


Things stalled a bit this past week. Our instructor for the query class has been ill, so while most of the class has gotten feedback from her, I’m still waiting. Practice for actual querying, I suppose. Writing slowed down too. This is because the office has been busy, but also because I’ve been lazy. I’ve been too wrapped up in the new experience of living with my boyfriend to discipline myself and set aside time to do work.

BUT Wednesday night I had a great idea for a new novel and I am very excited about it. It will be urban fantasy, a genre I haven’t really written in before, and it will involve dogs, witches, possibly fairies, and gay teenage boys. Yay! I’m about four thousand words in and there is still much planning to be done, but I already totally love my protagonist. It’s a nice change of pace from the kind of thing I usually write.


Living with Matt has been great. It’s so much less stressful to share meals and the care of the dog, and not be disappointed to come home and find that he hasn’t gotten to the apartment yet (since he’s always home before me). Our latest endeavor was part of our ongoing efforts to eat well. We scoured our cookbooks and planned meals for this past week and the upcoming week. It’s been nice so far; I just hope our bank accounts can keep it up. Since I’m on a gluten-free diet, a lot of my flours and snacks are more expensive. Couple that with a general but oft-compromised preference for organic, and you get a giant grocery bill. If anyone can recommend a gluten-free cookbook with lots of giant, leftover-worthy recipes, please do so!

But while that’s been wonderful, other things have been stressing me out, and I have been feeling pretty crappy lately. I think it’s probably just late-winter stagnation setting in, though. I am SO EFFING READY for warm weather.

Other exciting news: I had a consultation for my Doctor Who tattoo on Saturday and it will be very, very awesome. It’ll be an art nouveau style Bad Wolf scene. My first session is in a month. Expect pics.


There’s one more book to read for Zombie Love Month, and hopefully I can finish The Girl Who Would Be King soon so that I can read Rot & Ruin before Mind Games arrives, because I am DYING to read that book.

I did see the Warm Bodies movie and it was completely adorable. I like the book better just because it had more to it, obviously, but the movie was still a very good adaptation and enjoyable both for me and my boyfriend, who doesn’t read books very often. (He prefers to read ALL OF THE INTERNET.)

(Aside: apparently I was feeling very caps-locky this week.)


Why Gender Equality Stalled by Stephanie Coontz: I feel everything in this article. I am a huge supporter of workplace reform, flexible hours and more telecommuting, that kind of thing.