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Weekly Rundown 2/10-2/16


From Under the Mountain didn’t make it to the second round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. On one hand, I’m relieved because I was really hoping to start querying soon, and I didn’t quite know how to mention that my MS was kind of “under consideration.” On the other hand, to not even make it to the second round is a little discouraging–but not too much, because there are about 7,000 others in the same boat as me and we can’t all be terrible writers. Plus, the first round was judged on the pitch, and my pitch has now been edited and improved during the LitReactor class.

I’d really love to find some beta readers for the From Under the Mountain manuscript. I’ve yet to have someone read all the way through it and offer their critiques. At this point I’d really just love to have someone fresh finish the book and point out any glaring plot holes or just tell me what they really liked. If you’re interested, please comment here or email me at PLEASE only ask for the manuscript if you have the time to return your comments/critiques within a month!


Sunday the 10th I finally moved in with my boyfriend Matt! My mom and her fiance came and helped us out as we moved stuff first to storage, and then to Matt’s apartment, and then finally back down to Mom’s house. I gave an armchair back to her and I gave my futon to my brother. It was one hell of a day. The weather was perfect, which was a bonus, and we managed despite having very limited manpower. There were only a few mishaps (including the time we boxed Mom into the storage unit), though my poor puppy would tell a different story. He whined the whole day and totally broke my heart. But we did it and we celebrated with gluten-free pizza from a local chain!

On Monday the 11th I had a doctor’s appointment. She told me that I really NEED to do daily cardiovascular exercise because my blood pressure is quite low. So yeah…need to get better about that.



I read these Zombie Fairy Tales by Jill Myles as part of Zombie Love Month. They’re way too short for a full review, but I did think they were cute. “Zombie Cinderella” was my favorite. I got annoyed by “Beauty and the Zom-Beast” because she made Beauty/Belle out to be really stupid, and everyone knows she’s the smart one! (I thank you, Disney.) Otherwise, very fun, brief reading. I did read and review World War Z by Max Brooks (review here) and was unfortunately very disappointed.

I’ve also begun reading The Girl Who Would Be King by Kelly Thompson.