The LitReactor class on querying continues. Most of us are on at least our second or third query drafts by now. The class feedback has been really excellent. I’ve done some more research on agents and added a few more to my list. Tonight or tomorrow I’ll start my color-coded Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all of the agents and the status of my queries with them.

I’d really love to find some beta readers for the From Under the Mountain manuscript. I’ve yet to have someone read all the way through it and offer their critiques. At this point I’d really just love to have someone fresh finish the book and point out any glaring plot holes or just tell me what they really liked. If you’re interested, please comment here or email me at cspivey1954@gmail.com. PLEASE only ask for the manuscript if you have the time to return your comments/critiques within a month!

Plotting for From Out of the Forest has slowed considerably but continues steadily. I think I have a pretty sound idea of where this novel will begin and end, and how it will transition to the third book.



Why, yes, my team won the Super Bowl. Why do you ask?

So that was an AMAAAAZING game. And that’s pretty much all that needs to be said there. In other news, final packing is happening all this week as boyfriend and I prepare to combine living spaces. We went through his closet this past weekend and I taught him how to get rid of clothes.


Finished up Warm Bodies (review here)! I will be seeing the movie as soon as possible. Next up for Zombie Love Month is Zombie Fairy Tales. Also can’t wait to get my hands on A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan, which looks completely gorgeous.


ALL THE TWITTER. Tweeting during the game was awesome.

I read this article about a 3-year-old who was shot while playing with a PINK GUN. Why? Because he thought it was a toy. There are plenty of things wrong with this pink gun trend, and this is not the least of them.


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