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Weekly Rundown 1/27-2/2

I’ve decided to start doing a weekly post to encapsulate everything I’m up to that I’d love to share but doesn’t constitute its own whole post. It will be posted on Sundays re-capping the previous week. Hooray!


I submitted From Under the Mountain to Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award contest. The submission period ended on the 27th of January. Eek! The contest’s grand prize is a contract with Amazon Publishing and a $50,000 advance. I just have to beat out at most 9,999 other novelists. Wish me luck, haha.

In accordance with my 2013 goal of finding an agent for FUtM, I’m also taking a class through LitReactor on writing queries and finding agents, taught by Bree Ogden, an agent I’ve actually researched. The class is starting to pick-up now and I’ve been able to get some good feedback on my query draft, as well as learn more about agents and the publishing process. I’ve been researching agents and have found five so far that I plan to query.

I’ve begun plotting for the next two books in the fantasy trilogy, From Out of the Forest and From Over the Ocean. It’s going very well and both books will be nice and exciting. I’m trying to figure out what to call the trilogy. Only firm idea so far is the Invader Trilogy, mostly since all the titles and plots feature someone/thing coming out of hiding to cause trouble. BUT it doesn’t have quite the right feel. I am open to suggestions.


My boyfriend and I got approval from his landlords for me to start moving into his apartment a little ahead of schedule, so hooray! We were going to have to wait until my lease is up in March, but we’re impatient. Almost everything is packed up and ready go to. We’re planning to move everything on the 10th.

My dog’s training (another 2013 goal) is going relatively well. This week we’re moving on from really simple stuff to the recall, which is probably the single most important thing you can teach your dog. Pressure, much?

I’ve rejoined Twitter! You can follow me in the sidebar, or search for @CaitSpivey.


I read about as much as I’m going to of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series (review here). I’m currently reading Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion as part of the Zombie Love Month series I’m doing.

Since I caught up on Doctor Who and finished Dollhouse, I’m now watching Torchwood, BBC’s DW spinoff. Loving it so far. John Barrowman, you are a perfectly formed human being.

I did end up seeing The Hobbit again (yes, I know I said I wouldn’t). I took my twelve-year-old sister Maria to see it, and she totally loved it. So it was worth it. I even found that I enjoyed it more the second time around!


Like many others, I saw and enjoyed The Lonely Island’s interpretation of YOLO. I also saw this really great video explaining what the debt limit is.

I also read a few articles, including:

The Telegraph: Is feminism a dirty word for pop stars?
The answer is it damn well shouldn’t be!

Thought Catalog: 7 Reasons Someone is Allowed to Spit in Your Food
Yes. This spoke to me, as a person who works in food service.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown 1/27-2/2

  1. I love this idea! I usually say I’m going to post something and then I never do. I almost bought one of the Anita Blake books on Bargain yesterday…And then I didn’t… Should I ?

    1. I say go for it, especially if it’s reduced. Patterns aren’t annoying until they emerge, haha.

  2. I want to see warm bodies! And read the book.

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