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Zombie Love Month

My friend Jo at The Broken Shelf  has decided to do a series of reviews for February called Zombie Love MonthWarm Bodies, a novel by Isaac Marion, is being released this month as a major motion picture, and this has inspired Jo to honor the occasion by reading lots of zombie books. I’ve decided to join her!

I’ll be reading Warm Bodies and Rot & Ruin, by Benny Imura, along with Jo. In addition to those, I’ll read Zombie Fairy Tales (Jill Myles) and World War Z (Max Brooks). All of these books are available on Amazon for Kindle, which is how I’ll read them. Hopefully I’ll finish off the month with a post on the movie version of Warm Bodies!

If you, too, would like to participate in Zombie Love Month, by all means do so! Leave a link in the comments so I can see what you’re reading.

4 thoughts on “Zombie Love Month

    1. Have you started Warm Bodies yet? I’m halfway through and totally engrossed.

      1. Not yet. I’m starting the second in mara dyer series. I’m in love with the main characters in it. Lol. I will start it soon.

  1. Oh and THANK YOU!

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