We’re a week and a half into the new year, so I figure it’s probably time for me to sit down and actually figure out some goals and resolutions for 2013. Here it goes.

1. Finish editing and find an agent for From Under the Mountain. Obviously this is a little tentative in that it requires the cooperation of another person (the agent). However, a lot of it is just legwork on my part. This is my commitment to doing that legwork and sending out queries upon queries upon queries until one of them sticks.

2. Complete a[t least] a first draft for Bright Blood. My 2012 NaNo flop has ended up the first book in a trilogy, so I’m excited to go back and keep working on it with a lot more direction.

3. Brainstorm a lot and flesh out current ideas. I have notes started for eight novels, including FUtM and Bright Blood. I want to plot most of them all the way through, which I do with paragraph-long chapter summaries. This is especially important since five of the planned novels are sequels or companions to FUtM and Bright Blood, and I believe in having your series ducks in a row.

4. Write more short fiction, and send that short fiction out to literary magazines. Also, maybe some poetry. Basically, get some publication cred that’s NOT from your college literary magazine (especially not from your career as an editor of said magazine).

5. Work out more. Come back and make more specific goals once you know more about working out. Matt and I are hopefully starting a work out schedule tomorrow and with any luck we’ll be able to keep it up between the two of us.

6. Eat better. I’ve been doing really well with eating gluten-free, but going GF doesn’t automatically mean eating healthier. It’s possible to replace wheat carbs with other carbs and continue to avoid vegetables and fruits.

7. Plan meals better so that I don’t constantly feel like I have no food. I feel like this will be easier when Matt and I are living together, because we won’t be able to justify not having real dinners with saying, “it’s just for me, no big deal.”

8. Help Jay become a Canine Good Citizen. My dog is already very well-behaved by most people’s standards, but he’s definitely a selective listener at best and downright ornery at worst. Sure, he doesn’t destroy things (much) and doesn’t mess in the house (often), but no one’s perfect. Matt and I have empowered ourselves with The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Positive Dog Training and a training clicker, and we’re prepared to lay down the law.

9. Read (and review) more books. When I started this blog I really thought I’d be doing a lot of that–not just reviews, but casual literary analyses. That hasn’t really happened, and I’d like to try and do more of that. Also, I need to get on top of the bestsellers. It’s important to know the field before going into battle.

10. Learn a language. Matt and I both want to brush up on the Spanish and French basics we learned in school, so we’ve committed to actually learning to speak Spanish. This is part intellectual exercise, part career investment, and part parenting prep–we want to raise bilingual children. Possibly trilingual children, depending on how ambitious we are and how many years pass before we have kids.

I’m not giving my last goal a number because it’s not really an item on a list, just an overall pursuit. I am very happy with my life right now, and I want to keep that up. These ten goals are going to be my way of doing that. I have graduated from college and survived a year and a half in the quote unquote real world. Now, I’m moving on from “surviving” and onto, you know, living. I want to maintain my health, further my dreams, advance my nascent career, thrive with the man I love and know that through all the minutia of every day and every situation, I am totally and completely capable of doing anything.


7 thoughts on “2013 Goals and Other Ambitious Musings

  1. “emphatic like”

    I didn’t want to just like this post. but I don’t actually have anything else to say other than Woot!

  2. What are your plans for learning a language? Books, watching TV in the language, a language learning software, classes? I’m always curious about how people go about doing this–everyone has a different strategy! I just read about a girl who watched a an hour and a half of Korean TV a week, and studied her books briefly every month, and a the end of the year passed a pretty big test. It was exciting! This is a goal I always mean to tackle, but other things come up. I made a good deal of progress with Rosetta stone though, and my husband (who is AMAZING with languages) made a TON of progress. It was eerie.

    Good luck with all your goals!

    1. I’m not sure what the language program is called, but we can get it through Matt’s sister, who works at a library. I think it’s similar to Rosetta. πŸ™‚ Thank you!

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