Bingo for the Presidential debate tonight!

AAUW Dialog

The AAUW Action Fund’s It’s My Vote: I Will Be Heard voter education and turnout campaign represents an unprecedented investment in making women’s voices heard in the 2012 election. Follow us on Twitter and on Tumblr for the latest updates, and check out our biweekly Campaign Update for news, resources, and ideas.

“In 1858, there was a great debate between [Abraham] Lincoln and [Stephen] Douglas in Illinois State.”

I was in fourth grade during the 2000 presidential election between then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore. Because this was, in my sentient memory, my first real election, I was phenomenally excited. It was my greatest dream to become a very official businesswoman, and as everyone knows, businesswomen love politics. So, I loved politics.

One way that I expressed this love was by engaging with the presidential debates, which I saw as fierce battles of minds for the…

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