“Women and Funny Image”? Seriously?

So I was putzing around on the internet today, much as I do every day, and I happened to come across this gem:

For those of you who can’t read it, it says, “Today a girl said that I only judge girls for what they look like and what they wear. I’ll judge a girl on her personality when she stops caking on the make-up and wearing low-cut shirts. Until then, they obviously wanna be judged on appearance, not personality.”

First of all…seriously? Fucking seriously? This is a thought you actually had. Sweet baby Jesus. I want to punch kittens because of you, Tucker. Poor innocent kittens.

Second of all.

This mind-blowingly ignorant statement implies two main–and mainly false–things.

  1. Men who strive to look attractive ALSO only want to be judged by their appearance. Right? I mean, god. They obviously only shave and shower and wear nice fitted clothing because they want us to judge them by their looks and what they wear. Not so that they gain respect by not looking like a hot mess all the time. Jerks. Don’t complain when I check out your ass instead of listening to your dissertation, because you were totally asking for it with your tailored pants!
  2. Women who wear no make-up and conservative clothes NEVER get judged for their appearance. They never get called boring or frumpy or ugly, never. Because you know what people love? Women who choose not to wear make-up or revealing clothes. They totally get respected by everyone, and are never ever made to feel like shit for not living up to an unreasonable standard of beauty or choosing to not make universal attractiveness their top priority.


There are a million and one things wrong with this picture and I know you guys can figure out each and every one, so I’ll just leave it at that. Good luck to you, Tucker Tool-bag, o proponent of the double standard.


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