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Book Confessions

Shannon at Isle of Books put up this list of her top ten book confessions, and I liked the idea so much that I’ve decided to do one of my own!

1. I dog-eared my pages like crazy when I was younger. Then, I started paying for books myself and since then I have NEVER dog-eared a page in a fiction novel. Sometimes I’ll do it to textbooks if I don’t have a post-it handy.

2. I never crack book spines if I can help it. (This excludes cookbooks.)

3. I have tons of books on my shelves that I bought discounted or picked up from the free book table at my college that I haven’t read yet, and still pass over when I’m looking for something to read.

4. I very rarely loan out my books, and only to certain people (and only certain books). This caveat came after I had to purchase Pendragon: The Merchant of Death THREE TIMES because I kept loaning it to people who never gave it back.

5. I like to read at least one fiction and one nonfiction at the same time.

6. I save scraps of paper to use as bookmarks.

7. I don’t make enough time to read these days. I blame Netflix.

8. I don’t buy new books very often because I don’t want to spend money on something I’m not sure I’ll like (though this is less of a problem since I follow lots of lovely book review blogs now).

9. I don’t use the library because I don’t like to give books back.

10. I love stories with romance in them, but I don’t like stories that are only about romance.

So what are your book confessions? Tell me in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Book Confessions

  1. That’s why I love the library–to try out a book before committing to buying it. I must confess I still flip the pages over as a bookmark. Instead of the top edge corner, I flip the entire page in half. I know I’m bad LOL.

    Keep smiling,

    1. O_O The whole page? Wow. Just…wow.

      I do like the idea of reading and then deciding whether I loved it enough to own it, but then my miserly brain tricks me and says “You’ve already read it. You don’t need to buy it just to put it on your shelf. There are other things you need to spend your money on, like bills.” And then I don’t buy it.

      1. I’m the type of person if I loved a book I can read it over and over again without getting bored–the same like I can rewatch an episode or a movie over and over again.

        Keep smiling,

        1. I do read some books over and over again, but I don’t have time to do that frequently and I also don’t have money to buy all the books I want to. Because of that it’s hard to justify purchasing a book I’ve just read. Sometimes you have to prioritize, haha. It is nice to have Goodreads to keep track of books, though, so that books I read now won’t get lost in the miasma like the books I read as a teen did.

  2. I tend to avoid buying new releases, not because they will not be good, but I would prefer to read something a little older.

    1. That’s an interesting approach. I too tend to gravitate towards older books, but I’m determined to start reading more new releases. It’s hard to talk about what the current trends in literature are when you’re not reading the latest books, haha.

      1. I try to make it a resolution every few months, but always fail miserably.

  3. I like your list! I can relate to most of them, especially the part about the library. I actually don’t like borrowing books in the library because I want to own books that I read. I’m also very careful with my books, I don’t crease pages and I don’t like creasing the spine.

    1. I’m that way too. If I hoard anything, it’s books. I refuse to get rid of any even if I don’t like them that much and probably won’t ever read them again. I almost regret using the library as much as I did in middle and high school because I read so many good books and I don’t remember their names now, so I can’t hunt them down and buy them! 🙁

      My friends and I are pretty split about the spine thing, haha. Me and my friend Kayla are extremely careful with our spines, but my friends Chelsea and Ashlynn crack the spine as soon as they get the book.

      1. I am also guilty of hoarding books…some I’ve had forever, still unread. I don’t know when I will find the time to read all of them 🙁 Oh no..I can’t bear to crack the spines of books. If I buy secondhand books with cracked spines, that’s fine, but otherwise, I like to keep my books in pristine condition. I even put a plastic jacket on them before reading them!

  4. I can relate to so many of the thing on your list! I don’t like loaning out books either because I’m always worried about how people will treat my books, and books with romance as a central theme turn me off. However, I do use proper bookmarks or else memorize the page number I’m on. No dog-earing for me!

    1. It’s true. I love my friends, but I remember being pretty upset when one friend brought back my copy of Game of Thrones with a frayed cover and water staining on the edges.

      I really don’t get the appeal of straight romance novels. I am definitely a shipper and I will pair characters off or get really excited about small moments of intimacy between characters, but an entire book of that would just get boring and make those moments less special.

  5. Oh! I can relate to so many here. My big one is having books that I’ve never read for a really long time and still passing it over. It’s even worse on the Kindle now.

    Also I’m totally stealing that picture. Lawl

    1. I knoooowww it’s so bad. I try to do this thing sometimes where I tell myself, “I am going to start at the beginning and go down my shelves, and I am going to pick up the first book I come to that I haven’t read.” And then I get to it, and I’m like “meh I don’t really want to read that one.” And so on and so on down the line.

      I saw that picture in the google search and I knew it was the one for this post, haha.

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