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Liberals are Conditional Lovers

I’ve written before about how important it is to vote. It’s kind of the backbone of any political system that involves the word “democracy.” As a citizen I take my ability–nay, my responsibility–to vote very seriously. But there are some who don’t.

Instead, they treat it like sex.

I don’t mean the fun kind, which is both enjoyable and mutually satisfying. I mean the kind with the petty boyfriend or girlfriend who withholds it because s/he’s miffed about something you did or did not do. The conditional kind. The emotionally abusive kind.

So when I read things like, “I know liberals who are bitching about the ACA, because it doesn’t go far enough, and they are using that as another excuse not to vote“, I get really pissed off. I want to say, “Hello, petty and uncompromising liberals! Do you realize what you’re doing? You’re that asshole spouse who denies their partner affection because they forgot to put the leftovers in the fridge! You’re that impatient parent who takes their child’s toy away because they’re tired of hearing the kid play with it! You’re that shallow friend who dumps on one of their group when they buy a knock-off instead of designer! KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF.”

I really don’t understand why a lot of liberals/independents/progressives seem to think that not voting at all is an appropriate way to “get back” at politicians who disappoint us. The fact is that for the foreseeable future, we’re in a two-party system where not voting Democrat is effectively voting Republican and vice versa.

Here’s the thing. You know what Republicans are really good at? VOTING. They’re unbelievably loyal voters, and they’re really good at stopping other people from voting with their bogus ID laws and their complete insanity, which can turn us off of the whole circus. So when we don’t vote to spite our liberal politicians, what happens is that the Republicans who are running end up sweeping the board because only their constituents are voting. In a lot of cases, Democrats aren’t losing because people want the Republican candidate. They’re losing because the people who would usually vote for them are at home pouting.

So maybe you’ve decided not to vote for Obama again because he’s “not liberal enough” and doesn’t “take a stand” or whatever bullshit, holier-than-thou excuse you have. The ACA not liberal enough for you?

It’s a hell of a lot more liberal than anything the Tea Party politicians will write.

Come on, people. Think about what you’re doing! You bitch about liberal politicians not being liberal enough, and out of spite, you don’t vote at all. But the Republicans do, in force, like they always do. So then these hyper-conservatives get paraded into office and start writing conservative bills, which you then proceed to bitch about. Well, guess what? YOU LET IT HAPPEN.

Remember, your non-votes only help Mitt Romney and every other conservative politician on the ballot. Yeah, I suppose Obama and the other liberal politicians who have been ousted “learn their lesson,” but at whose expense? Minorities, women, LGBTQ, the poor, and anybody else who’s not a wealthy white heteronormative man.

Good job, guys. Way to show ’em.

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  1. I’m a liberal Democrat and I intend to vote in November. I would prefer a single payer syestem, but ACA works as well as we can get any health care measure to work under the current poltical circumstances.

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