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Playing With Dolls

So have you guys ever made dolls on the internet? Those weird paper-doll-style flash things? Well, I have. A lot of them, actually. I used to do them back in high school and then I rediscovered them last year thanks to this fabulously fun time-waster of a website called Doll Divine.

Since I just finished a lot of work on my novel, it’s been on my mind. When I discovered that there is a Game of Thrones dollmaker I was ecstatic. Yet another opportunity to make doll cartoon versions of my characters!

And I am sharing them with you. Click for full size versions.

The leaders of the four witch clans, the Kavanagh sisters
The Empress, Guerline, and Desmond Kavanagh. He’s the son of one of the witches pictured above. Can you guess which one?

I both love and hate these things. I’ve so wasted hours of my life this way. You’re welcome.

And, just for fun, here’s me and my boyfriend as Game of Thrones characters. Just imagine us with glasses:

EDIT: Ironically enough, I did not notice the similarities between Guerline/Desmond and me/Matt until AFTER I published this post. Interesting.