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Rallying Together for Women's Rights

Today I attended a Unite Against the War on Women rally in Harrisburg, PA. I had a lot of fun despite the cold temperatures. There were lots of great speakers, great music, and great signs.

Some of the points addressed at the rally were these: first, the right to bodily autonomy is just that–a right. Not a privilege. Not something that can be taken away, try as they might. Yes, even for women! Shocker. Second: the war on women is not just about controlling women’s bodies. It’s about getting control of anything they can in a government so caught up in partisanship that it’s completely gridlocked. Third: women’s rights is NOT a partisan issue! In fact, it’s not even women’s rights. It’s about  human rights. See that earlier bit about the right to bodily autonomy. Fourth: we need more women in the legislature at all levels. Do you think women’s health care and reproductive rights would be under attack if women made up more than 17% of Congress? Would it even be a topic of discussion? Fifth: the de-funding of clinics like Planned Parenthood places women, especially low-income women for whom PP is their primary doctor, in an extremely dangerous position–to have a baby they can’t afford, or to seek an unsafe abortion because their access to trained professionals has been cut off.

All in all, it was a good day, and it was very comforting to see so many people on the steps of the capitol building, especially given the terrible weather. Some of the ralliers had been participating in women’s rights rallies since the 1960’s. Here’s hoping these rallies won’t be necessary in the next decade. There weren’t as many elected officials there as I would have liked to see, but there were a good number of current candidates, so I think that bodes well.

Also, one of said candidate’s campaign managers told me I was absolutely beautiful; so there was that, too.

I will leave you with some pictures. Enjoy!

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  1. The rally yesterday was a blast and it certainly was comforting to see so many people out in support of the cause. There were some great signs, as your pictures show. Republicans as a party are getting so far-right that they don’t even seem cognizant of their own over-reaches anymore.

    I’m maintaining my optimism that having the president on the ballot this year will create a wave of turnout to counter the tide of tea party victories from 2010, when only about 40% of young people who voted in the 2008 election came out to vote again and Republicans saw historic gains in representation including in our own state legislature. Elections are all about who does and who doesn’t turn out to vote, and I think the GOP either must be stupid to not care or not know that introducing all this radical anti-woman legislation will make some women turn out to vote who otherwise wouldn’t, or they think that thanks to Citizens United v. FEC their rich buddies will be able to buy enough votes for them to make up for however many they lose because of the radically right-wing legislation they’ve been paid to push.

    Also, I was that campaign manager, and I only said what is true.

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