Day (Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty-One): Half-Thoughts


and wasn’t it such a treaty of commitment, 
such a set of terms we set ourselves,
that kept us from retreating–
yet didn’t we know sooner than we let on
that it was harder than it should have been
for us.


and weren’t you the charming one,
the one so good with words;
it seems to me that all your words were wasted,
they meant nothing,
they were false half-thoughts
and I took them for the truth.


and looking back on it now,
it’s clear to me that though I called you even-tempered,
it was I who was more predictable…
at least I was myself
and I knew what it was I wanted.  

Catch up. I have five days to write nine poems! I haven’t done them daily, but I can still do thirty poems in thirty days, right?

I call these little snippet poems “half-thoughts” because they’re only the second half of a sentence. I don’t actually know what the first half of any of them are, of course; but putting the “and” at the beginning makes the line seem more poetic to me for some reason. The first of these that I wrote (which I’m not counting because I didn’t write it as part of the challenge) was:

and doesn’t it seem strange, the way
we think of others thinking?
I put thoughts in your mind to steady my own,
ease my worries of being absent,
unimportant in your cognizance.  

And I just kind of like writing little poems this way.


One thought on “Day (Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty-One): Half-Thoughts

  1. The poem that launched your 30 day poems illumines for me the thought that the next three poems are, perhaps, unspoken dialog, and based on the line “I put thoughts in your mind to steady my own.” I know, after many years of marriage, that attributing attitudes and thoughts to my wife enable me to “steady my own” by not ping-ponging about. The problem with that is, of course, the type attidude or thought I stick on her. I am seldom right.

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