Day (Eighteen): Americana


Duty as a dirty word
is Americana glorified.
We all recoil from demand and expectation.
Consummate individuals,
we live for only our desires
and if they sometimes coincide with others,
so be it.

But don’t ask anything of me!
I will do what I want, gottdamnit,
and say nary a word about civic responsibility.
My obligation to my country
goes only so far as to ask,
what can my country do for me?

So today, if you remember, is the PA primary. I’m hoping there’s decent turn out, but as I’ve mentioned before Americans seem to drop the ball when it comes to participating in their government.


2 thoughts on “Day (Eighteen): Americana

  1. NC primaries coming up.

    From my classroom teaching experience, entitlement seems to be a given among not only the young, but all the way up to — say — 40? Again, a visit to Arlington Cemetary might prove a sobering visual with regard to your poem today.

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