Day (Sixteen): Manufacturer


A hundred songs and sighs all told us
this should be but isn’t
and aren’t you ashamed of yourselves?
There is love here if you would just make it.
It looks so good on paper.
This is what you’re searching for.

And we say, no.
We are not ashamed.
We are young
and we have better things to do

than force it 


One thought on “Day (Sixteen): Manufacturer

  1. So, forced, or manufactured love is not the ambition of the young. Is it marriage that forces the love? Is the love spoken of consistency and commitment, or physical and sexual? Cannot either or all be forced?

    Why have I heard all these years that “the biological clock is ticking” if the ease and naturalness of love is the goal?

    And are all of the elements of “falling in love,” e.g., mood, atmosphere, fate — are these and others cohorts in forcing love?

    Is it possible to force love?

    Interesting perspective.

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