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Day (Fifteen): Sadomasochism


Two of us
were only so in love
and could not make it more.

Love without promise is sadomasochism;
I am a masochist,
you are a sadist.
I ask for no promise
and you give me no promise
and so our love flounders in pain.

Yet love is love,
in any amount.
And the promise is not of love,
but of life.

Catching up, slowly but surely! May post another one later tonight.

2 thoughts on “Day (Fifteen): Sadomasochism

  1. Another thoughtful poem. Love is life, regardless of the amount of love we get.

    1. Thank you, though that’s not exactly what I meant. I was referring more to the promise we make when we get into a relationship, and how it’s promising our lives to our partner as much as a promise of love. It’s promising your life that makes commitment hard, not love.

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