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Friday the 13th, and also Poetry (Day Thirteen)

So it seems Friday the 13th was unlucky for me in terms of poetry writing. I didn’t get a chance to write one at work, and then I went from work to moving (oh hey, did I tell you guys I’m moving this weekend?), and then from moving to seeing Cabin in the Woods. It was amazing. Definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen in the past year, regardless of genre. But then, it was produced by Joss Whedon, of whose work I am generally a fan. So no surprise there. I hope it gets some well-deserved box office numbers this weekend.

I would write more about it (and probably will after I see it again), but I’m going to the ZOO today! Because I’m an adult. So here’s “yesterday’s” poem, inspired by the antics of my own canine:

Chomp Chomp

The dog chases the fly, but
the fly can fly so high that
the dog can never catch him.
So the dog, he whines, he prances,
he writhes and twists and dances,
while the fly, he soars above him
out of reach.
“Behold my wingèd glory!”
the fly cries jovially
as he lords his lofty triumph o’er the dog.
But the fly, he is short-livèd,
and the dog has no distractions,
and as the hours pass the fly begins to falter.
His wings won’t take him higher,
and to the dog’s jaws he falls nigher,
unable to escape the maw of fate.
“Oh drat,” says the fly,
“Chomp chomp,” says the dog,
and the latter trots away with tail held high.

Hopefully tonight I’ll have time to write a poem about the zoo!