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Day Seven/Eight: Make a Wish/Nature Observation

So yesterday I failed and did not write a poem. I had a busy day full of IKEA and politics! No excuse, I know. Oh well. To make up for it, I wrote two this morning.

Make a Wish

I wish for daily kisses,
a luxury I once possessed.
To speak so sweetly without words
is such a comfort to me;
but these conversations, they are mine no longer.

A kiss can tell me so much more than words
and how I long for yours
because your words, they tell me nothing.

So I wish for daily kisses,
a conversation of the heart,
unmuddled by our mental machinations.

Nature Observation

Ladybug climbing stalks of grass,
how you navigate the jungle!
You crawl from stalk to leafy stalk,
all leaning up against each other.
But what’s this now? You’ve reached the top
of a single unconnected blade.
What will you do? Will you take flight,
your wings exploding from your rosy shell?
No–it seems–
now’s not the time.
You only climb back down.

So there you go. I’m caught up.  Also, today is Easter, so if you celebrate I wish you a happy one.

2 thoughts on “Day Seven/Eight: Make a Wish/Nature Observation

  1. I like them; both of them. But I like the wish poem more. I am going to share with my wife today–it is her birthday. I want to give her a kiss and let that be my message of love. Thaniks. Good poetry.

    1. Thanks 🙂 Happy birthday to your wife!

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