NaPoWriMo Day Two: Three Winsome Ladies

Three Winsome Ladies

Hey, ho, and high,
three winsome ladies ride
to the forest of a king once made of glass.

Their story tell you I’ll;
into the woody by,
they wandered deep a’searching for their love.

They found him there,
all black of hair,
his rosy flesh restor-ed.
And in the vale
they three wore veils
and to him were conjoin-ed.

“My love, my dear!” they cried,
“we swear, we almost died
when to the glassy state your flesh was altered.”

“I am aware,” said he,
“I know it made you flee,
but I am returned and shall be thus forever.”

They reveled long
and sang a song
of mirrors and reflection.
The song went on
and by the dawn
the king was glass perfection.

“What have you done?” he gaffed.
The ladies only laughed.
They broke him down and danced upon his shards.

High, ho, and hey,
the ladies rode away,
the king embedded in their calluses. 

You all probably think I’m lying to you now that my first two poems of this challenge have been structured rhyming poems. I swear, I don’t normally do this kind of thing.

This poem is just kind of silly. It started out as a poem about just how silly poetry is and only included the first stanza, to poke fun at poetry a la “The Lady of Shalott.” Long poems that tell stories are, in my opinion, very difficult and tricky things. Far from helping, I often think that the constraints of rhyme and meter hinder the storytelling. But, then again, this also goes back to the whole bardic tradition (honestly, pretty much everything does) when this sort of thing would have been sung.

So anyway, enjoy this silly song about some man-eating ladies.


5 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day Two: Three Winsome Ladies

    1. Haha I suppose it is, though it’s not really meant to have any kind of anti-male commentary. It’s just a silly song about some tricky fairy ladies.

  1. “structured rhyming poems.” happened to me too….yesterday’s effort was so unlike me….long and sing song, and more narrative than a note.

    But this is not a miss …I think it big fun


    1. Thanks! And yeah, sometimes this kind of stuff just comes out. For me it usually happens when rhyme and meter aren’t required, haha. But if someone asks me to write something like this? Nothing.

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