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The Hunger Games: T-Minus 3 Days

So, can I say how ridiculously excited I am for this weekend?

This weekend is the first discussion meeting of my book club, where we’ll talk about the book and movie individually and how they compare to each other. This interview with Gary Ross has doubled my excitement, because it seems like he was very interested in being true to the book. Honestly, if there are any major deviations I’ll be pretty upset, because the book is one of those that lends itself very easily to the film genre without much adaptation. It’s aesthetically intriguing, action-packed, and well-paced, with complex and engaging characters. I believe it is in every way poised to be a huge success–because, really, if Twilight made it, The Hunger Games should be a shoo-in.

Our group for the movie (we’re going to see a Saturday afternoon showing) includes about half book club members and half non-members, though I’m hoping that by the end of the discussion we may have caught a few more. I plan to take meticulous minutes and post some of our big topics here for everyone else to weigh in on.

I may also take notes during the movie to get ideas for a hypothetical Hunger Games costume party. (I have this fabulous green body paint. Dibs on Octavia.)

Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.