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I am a Versatile Blogger

Imagine my surprise this morning when I checked my email to find that the darling bitchybride had nominated/awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks so much, dear. Keep bitching!

Now, as per the rules, I need to tell you seven things about myself.

1. When I was young, I was in Girl Scouts, choir, and dance. When my mom told me I had to pick one to stick with, I chose Girl Scouts. What am I doing now? Musical theater.

2. I know more about cooking than I let on, but I’m uncomfortable cooking around other people…especially if that other person knows more about cooking or has more experience doing so.

3. I love calenders. I really do. I try to pick ones every year that are unique and beautiful.

4. Words are very dear to me, and I generally take things that are said seriously unless it’s obvious that the person is joking. Sometimes even then I take them to heart, depending on the person and the circumstances. Communication is important to me too, but I’d rather stay silent than say something I don’t mean or speak without having my thoughts in order.

5. After years of getting anxious every time I had to buy someone a gift, I now only buy books for people, since books are what I know best. Unless you’re someone very close to me, in which case I know you well enough not to freak out over what to get you, you’re going to get a book for the holiday. Obviously, my dearest loved ones usually get books too.

6. I hate politics, but I follow it and vote because it’s hard to fix something from outside the system. Our candidates will never reflect what we want unless we tell them.

7. I have really, really high standards when it comes to fantasy literature, and get very little pleasure out of reading books in what was once one of my favorite genres. Because I am so critical, I have little motivation to work on my own fantasy novel because I sometimes don’t think I can write to my own standards.

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